PANDEMIC YEAR | Diaries of a pandemic state

the world changes the painting changes too


this project appears in the middle of the world pandemic, the world changes the painting changes too. Each face represents an interpretation of a face of an acquaintance of a friend or family member. I try to represent the luminous spectrum of each person through color and shapes, giving each letter a letter, these letters represent an alphabet, ordered in an irregular way and it is possible to read the word: OBSERVE





PELE CARNE E OSSO |Oil, Acrylic on Canvas and wood | 223X150cm | 2020

Following a pandemic space, where the street air seems irrespirable, where going out into the street becomes a kind of crime ... among us a constant feeling of Target, of disease, of doubt.

The Clausura has become constant. Outside, everything became warm and irregular.


INVISIBLE WAR | skin, flesh and bone | Acrylic, Oil and charcoal on Canvas | 200X150cm | 2020

This is the time to decree mandatory quarantine, we are beginning to experience an invisible war, a state of emergency, reinforcing energy and adopting protective measures for those operating on the ground. We were convinced that the containment of the great epidemics that plagued the world a century ago was an acquired achievement, but that premise was thrown to the ground by the crisis resulting from the pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus. We went to war, a war against an invisible, extremely deadly enemy, and, for once, a battle in which all nations are on the same side.


AMANHECER | Oil, Acrylic, Paper, Crochet on Canvas | 120X120cm | 2020


After the closure of schools, universities, several local businesses and borders, this is the time to decree mandatory quarantine, a state of emergency. When I woke up I felt that Dawn was no longer the same. we were being covered by a transparent crochet.


JAS work on invisible war | Pele Carne e Osso_Project | Acrylic, oil and Charcoal on Canvas | 160X125cm | 2020


COVID-19 has come to shake society, offering time for everything, even time to look at ourselves and those around us. When people asked: How have you been through Quarantine? I replied that it was more of the same! nothing had changed except my social contact with friends and family, sports and staying on the street. After all, we want to relearn how to live, and not forget that "everything will be fine, but nothing will be as before". However, I felt that my life is based on a structure of constant understanding of what I am. The time for me remained the same, the occupation was scarce and the free time still did not exist as it existed for other people who did not know what to do.



PELE CARNE E OSSO [Covid19 Project] Quarentine Days | The World Changes the painting changes too | 130X150cm | Acrylic, Oil and Charcoal on Canvas |  2020


After all, we want to relearn how to live. We want to have our time again. Time of doubt where death lives, this time by our side.


Souls of unrest | oil, Acrylic on Paper | 100X80cm | JAS

The tiredness of the saviors begins to give way, the space for death becomes more and more, the space for the dead more and more reduced, our soul dries up, empties of fear and stops talking.


Pele Carne e Osso_Project | Acrylic, Oil and Charcoal on Canvas | 60x60cm | 2020



This Work is dedicated to the entire crew of Verenosis ... All the morning walks made me pass on the waterfront next to the Boa Nova church in Leça da Palmeira. In this maritime curve, sometime in 1913, the Verenose Shipwreck takes place. an English package that ran aground in Leça da Palmeira. 221 passengers were on board. The united population found themselves on Boa Nova beach, slightly north of the place where the Leça da Palmeira lighthouse is currently located, shortly after the ship ran aground on the rocks of the lower “Lenho”, just over 250 meters away of land, but simultaneously in a distant space to be overcome, due to the excessive violence of the sea. The mobilization to support the castaways was general and spontaneous. Doctors and nurses were placed in a tent, for urgent care on the sands of the beach, at the nearby Fiscal Guard post and in the chapel of the Boa Nova oratory, assisted by the wives of the most prominent members of society in Matosinhos and Porto.






Naufrágio do Veronese 1913 | Acrylic, Oil and charcoal on Canvas | 200x150cm  [2020]

the world changes the painting changes too


Study for tile mural.

Um Segredo Guarda o Mundo is a Tiled Mural produced by me as part of the celebrations of the 25th Anniversary of the great Dst Literature prize in Braga. Produced at João Carqueijeiro's Atelier, the piece gains an initial trapezoid shape and is subsequently rethought and “torn” in 4 modules. These modules that metaphorically represent pages of books that have a will to unite as if they wanted to fit together. I worked on a conceptual support governed by the force of the Moon. Gravity. The shapes are floating and geometric. They represent in the form of an open book a Planet suspended in a geometric galaxy surrounded by a starry sky, Astrology, night birds, raining clouds, a black sky that hides messages just as books hide memories, smells, textures ... The titles of the books are represented in ceramics in the form of "Haikus", being sequenced in order to give them a "poetic" sense and to stop being words to be drawing. They pass the form. The Moon represents gravity, magnetism. It "holds" shapes and colors, art has this function. To heal, to improve. This Work is a magnetic window.


jas mural4

jas mural

jas mural6

jas mural7

jas mural2


Hidden in the forest | Acrylic, Oil on Canvas | 2020

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