Guimarães Jazz 2020 In 2020 | IMPERFECT SHADOWS

December 19, 2020 João Alexandrino News 0 comments

Guimarães Jazz 2020 In 2020

Porta-Jazz proposes a quartet led by Hugo Raro, an unusual formation of piano, Portuguese guitar (Miguel Amaral), clarinet (Rui Teixeira) and drums (Alex Lázaro) which, as usual in the context of the festival’s partnership with this jazz collective from Porto, promotes the multidisciplinary collaboration with an artist outside music, who in this case will be JAS, a visual artist who will create the scenography and draw in real-time. There will be conversations between the music and shadows drawn on the basis of the imperfection and beauty that this imperfection can contain – accepting their shadows as an integral part of reality so that both calmly become an inevitable companion of consciousness.

Hugo Raro piano, composition JAS scenography and drawing in real-time Miguel Amaral Portuguese guitar Rui Teixeira bass clarinet and baritone saxophone Alex Lázaro (SP) drums and percussion.


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